Nationwide M2M Network:
Using FCC-Licensed Spectrum For Cost-Effective, Secure Transmission

M2M Spectrum Networks is building the first dedicated, low-cost, nationwide M2M network using FCC-licensed radio spectrum. M2M’s innovative Connector-Collector network system approach provides the coverage you need, wherever you need it, efficiently and cost-effectively.

2G, 3G, 4G, LTE… Yikes, what will cellular networks change to next? Consumer smart-phone and tablet 4G/LTE demand is forcing cellular carriers to discontinue their 2G networks, and thus they’d like you to switch out all your current 2G M2M equipment and service packages for more expensive 4G/LTE gear and services you don’t necessarily need.

The first cost-effective, non-changing, nationwide M2M network. Typical M2M communications don’t require the type of bandwidth we humans do. That’s why M2M Spectrum Networks is building the nation’s first, dedicated, low-cost network for M2M use only. It’s tried and true technology, and it’s here to stay. M2M Spectrum Networks is dedicated solely to machine-to-machine communications and the IoT, and so promises to keep your network, devices and applications at the leading edge, without costly and unnecessary switch-outs dictated by consumer demand.

FCC-Licensed Spectrum means more reliability, scalability and security. By licensing the right sub-1 gHz spectrum nationwide, you can count on our dedicated network to be free from the eavesdropping, interference and overcrowding issues that plague open-access spectrum solutions, which rely solely on WiFi, Bluetooth, and/or ISM/unlicensed networks.