M2M Spectrum Networks is One of The 20 Most Promising M2M Solution Providers

In CIOReview’s selection process, they looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the M2M landscape.

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M2M Spectrum Networks Named 2015 Connected Award Winner By Connected World

M2M Spectrum Networks recognized for innovation by Connected World Magazine

NEW HOPE, PA – February 25, 2015 – M2M Spectrum Networks (M2M SN) announced today that Connected World has named Barclay Knapp, M2M SN’s CEO and Co-Founder, a 2015 ConnectED Award winner, designating Barclay as an individual who has applied innovation and vision to successfully bring his ideas to the IoT/M2M and connected-device marketplace.

Connected World magazine presented both the Connected World Awards and the ConnectED Awards during a formal gala. Held annually as a part of the Connected World Conference, the 2015 event took place on February 23rd at the Birmingham Marriott in Alabama.

“Barclay Knapp realized there are likely many great inventions that stall because of the high cost of cellular connectivity and set out to build a nationwide, dedicated, low-cost nationwide wireless network just for the Internet of Things,” said Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine. “I am very honored to give a 2015 ConnectED Award to Barclay, as he saw a big challenge in the market and addressed it head on.”

M2M SN has designed a sophisticated, dedicated machine-to-machine network for facilitating the Internet of Things (IOT), include monitoring and control of utility meters, remote patient monitoring and alerts, inventory management and real-time asset tracking, real-time restocking information based on purchase and inventory tracking, machine diagnostics, traffic and fleet management, and numerous other potential and emerging M2M applications.

M2M SN, through its hardware and software vendors, is developing a wide-area data radio system based on proprietary technology: Machine Data Network Architecture (“mDNA”), the foundation of M2M SN’s network infrastructure. The mDNA architecture provides seamless interfaces to existing M2M applications, M2M application providers, and M2M MVNO’s, along with “High Site” and “Mesh Network” saturation coverage of the US.

“It is a privilege to be named a ConnectED Award winner,” commented Barclay Knapp. “We are committed to the creation of a game-changing network which is purpose-built and optimized solely for M2M applications. Our leading edge approach to provisioning, monitoring, pricing and other dimensions will be unlike any seen in the current marketplace.” Carole Downs, Chairman and Co-Founder of M2M SN added, “This award is an affirmation of the innovative vision we had for the company when we formed our partnership.”

About M2M Spectrum Networks
M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC was founded for the purpose of building and operating the first licensed, nationwide wireless network dedicated to the rapidly emerging Machine-to-Machine industry. M2M SN, through its hardware and software vendors, is developing a wide-area, ubiquitous coverage, data radio system based on licensed spectrum and proprietary technology; purpose-built and dedicated solely to M2M applications for the long-term. M2M Spectrum Networks has locations in Phoenix, Arizona, New Hope, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Florida. For more information, please visit www.m2mspectrum.com.

About Connected World Magazine
Connected World is the business and technology publication that provides the intelligence industry titans need and the guidance consumers crave. It’s all about M2M. www.connectedworld.com

Startup Ready to Compete for M2M Market

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