M2M Connectors

Our proprietary, Plug-and-Play Connectors from M2M Spectrum Networks are not only cost-effective to connect your machines, it’s never been easier. Our vast experience and innovative approaches to building network systems of all sizes enables us to provide the highest degree of custom solutions and productivity-boosting capabilities. Say goodbye to the time when you were just another customer of a big cellular network operator. With M2M, you have your own “connectivity island,” adapted to your specific needs.

Plug-and-Play M2M Connectors: It’s never been easier to connect your machines. We plug them in,  you monitor and control them with your M2M Applications. It’s that simple.

Your own “island” of M2M connectivity. Each M2M Connector enables fast and cost-effective transmission of your machines’ data, creating your own private, secure communications network.

“Collector” network configuration. In our proprietary M2M Network System, your devices with our Connectors communicate with our Collectors, which are optimally located for your M2M solution. Whether your connected device requirements are national, regional, local, on a campus, in a business park, in a single building, at home or even in a single room — we have a low-cost Collector configuration optimized for your needs. In addition, our local Collectors can be hubs for your existing WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave or ISM enabled devices.